Trump encourages Americans to vote twice, an electoral fraud

Washington, Sep 2 (efe-epa).- United States President Donald Trump encouraged residents of the key state of North Carolina on Wednesday to test the security of their state’s electoral system by trying to vote twice in the November elections, one by mail and one in person.

Trump’s suggestion would constitute a felony under North Carolina law in addition to electoral fraud, which is precisely the kind of problem that the president claims he wants to avoid by all means in the Nov. 3 elections, as he seeks reelection.

“Let them send it (the vote by mail) and let them vote, and if their system is as good as they say it is, then obviously they will not be able to vote. If it is not tabulated, they will be able to vote,” Trump said in statements to journalists during a visit to Wilmington, North Carolina.

The president repeated that idea directly to some of his supporters who were waiting for him when he landed in that city, telling them to “send (your vote by mail) early and then go and vote (in person). You cannot let them take away your vote, these people are playing dirty politics.”

Trump has insisted, without evidence, that widespread mail voting, which many states are expanding due to the pandemic – to avoid large crowds on Election Day – can lead to fraud, despite numerous studies showing that that is extremely unlikely.

The president only justifies voting by mail when citizens are going to be far from the state where they are registered on election day, and has thus defended the fact that he himself has used this method to exercise suffrage in the territory where he has his primary private residence, Florida. EFE-EPA


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