Trump hits out at China over coronavirus pandemic in Twitter rant

Washington, Jun 30 (efe-epa).- The president of the United States on Tuesday night that he became angrier at China over the spread of the novel coronavirus crisis in his country and around the world.

“As I watch the Pandemic spread its ugly face all across the world, including the tremendous damage it has done to the USA, I become more and more angry at China. People can see it, and I can feel it!” Donald Trump tweeted.

Trump’s tweet comes amid the escalated tension between Washington and Beijing since the last few months and came at the same day when China announced retaliation against the US after it announced revokation of Hong Kong’s special status.

Washington revoked Hong Kong’s special status amid the threat of the dual-use technologies falling into the hands of Chinese army.

Moreover, less than two weeks ago, Trump signed a legislation favor of the Uighur rights which seeks sanctions against the Chinese officials alleged of torturing the group and other Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang province.

These measures come amid the continuous tensions between the two countries due to trade dispute and coronavirus crisis, for which Trump blamed China and even renamed the virus as “Chines Virus,” and “Kung Flu.”

The US became the most affected country due to the pandemic after recording 2,629,372 COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, along with 127,322 deaths, according to an independent data released by the John Hopkins University.

Furthermore, the pandemic has created economic strain on the country and its management. According to surveys, the pandemic has reduced Trump’s reelection possibilities. EFE-EPA


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