Trump: I’m immune from Covid-19, ready to resume election campaign

By Laura Barros

Washington, Oct 11 (efe-epa).- President Donald Trump on Sunday announced that he is now “immune” to Covid-19, having first shown symptoms of becoming infected about 10 days ago, and is ready to resume his election campaign, claiming that he had “beat” what he calls the “China virus.”

With a little more than three weeks remaining before the Nov. 3 election, Trump insisted that he feels great after it became known on Oct. 2 that he had tested positive for Covid-19, a health scare that forced him to limit his public activities to video appearances and messages via the social networks, as opposed to in-person events, rallies or meetings.

“It seems like I’m immune,” the president said in an interview with Fox News. “So I can go way out of a basement, which I would have done anyway and which I did because you have to run a country, you have to get out of the basement.”

“It looks like I’m immune for, I don’t know, maybe a long time, maybe a short time,” he said. “It could be a lifetime. Nobody really knows, but I’m immune. So the president is in very good shape to fight the battles.”

“I beat this horrible, crazy China virus,” Trump declared. “And it also gives you immunity. … I passed the highest test, the highest standards, and I’m in great shape.”

Trump was referring to the report provided Saturday evening by his White House physician, Dr. Sean Conley, who said in a letter that the president is no longer considered a “transmission risk” and can now be around others safely.

Saying that Trump now has “decreasing viral loads,” Conley added that “Now at day 10 from symptom onset, fever-free for well over 24 hours and all symptoms improved, the assortment of advanced diagnostic tests obtained reveal there is no longer evidence of actively replicating virus.”

“Moving forward, I will continue to monitor him clinically as he returns to an active schedule,” Conley said.

Twitter on Sunday hid a message that the president had posted there regarding his so-called “immunity.”

After his Fox interview, Trump had tweeted that he “can’t get it (immune), and can’t give it,” but Twitter quickly attached a warning to that tweet and limited its ability to be retweeted or liked.

“This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19,” Twitter wrote. “However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

The medical opinion on his health status came hours after Trump participated in his first public activity at the White House after being diagnosed with Covid-19, a peaceful “Law and Order” rally attended by dozens of his supporters.

The event served as a platform for Trump to send a message of support to law enforcement forces after the recent nationwide protests against police brutality and racism, and it was directed at the African American and Hispanic communities, two of the groups he wants to court prior to the election.

Trump had refused to participate in a virtual second debate with Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden scheduled for Tuesday and which ultimately was cancelled by organizers, but he is preparing to hold a campaign event on Monday in Sanford, Florida.

The rally was announced last Friday by Trump on Twitter.

The president was taken to Walter Reed military hospital on Oct. 2 because he had tested positive for Covid-19 and was showing some of the symptoms, including a high fever and low blood oxygen content. He was in the hospital for three days, during which time he received an experimental antibody cocktail prepared by the Regeneron pharmaceutical firm that, according to cofounder and CEO Leonard Schleifer, probably creates months-long immunity to the disease, although much more evidence from big clinical trials is needed to ascertain this for sure.

Meanwhile, Biden, who on Sunday had been scheduled to participate in a virtual fundraiser in Wilmington, Delaware, criticized Trump’s behavior during his convalescence.

“There is no excuse for President Trump’s reckless behavior,” Biden wrote on Twitter, also posting a video of a woman who lost her mother to Covid-19.

In another tweet, the former vice president said: “In January, I said President Trump was the worst possible leader to deal with a public health crisis. And everything we’ve been through in the months since has proven that to be true.”

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