Trump intensifies attacks on Biden in race for Republican ticket

Washington, Jun 24 (EFE).- The former president of the United States Donald Trump on Saturday stepped up attacks against current President Joe Biden and accused him of corruption in an attempt to gather support for his bid to become the Republican presidential candidate, two weeks after being indicted over the discovery of classified documents from his residence.

In a speech at the US capital at a gala organized by an evangelical organization, Trump accused Biden and his son Hunter Biden of murky dealings with China, without offering proof to back up his claims.

In his speech, the former president attacked Hunter, who was charged this week with the illegal possession of a firearm and failing to pay his taxes on time in 2017 and 2018.

Trump claimed that the junior Biden had armed the law enforcement agencies to “interfere in elections,” and that it marked the biggest abuse of power in the country’s history, in line with the exaggerated and often unfounded allegations he often makes in his speeches.

This was the leader’s first public speech after on Jun. 12 he appeared before a federal court in Miami, facing 37 charges alleging he kept national defense documents after he left office and conspired to obstruct justice by hiding them.

On Saturday Trump claimed that he had every right to keep the documents and said the charges against him were “ridiculous” and had helped his popularity ratings.

However, as per a CNN survey published this week, Trump’s ratings dropped by 8 points to 47 percent of the Republican voters and sympathizers who named him as their first choice as the party’s presidential candidate, down from 53 percent in May.

The ex-president took part in the closing act of the “Road to Majority” conference organized by the evangelical group “Faith and Freedom Coalition” and repeatedly referred to God amid loud cheers and applause from the crowd.

Other major Republican nominees, including former vice president Mike Pence and Florida governor Ron DeSantis – who is being touted as Trump’s main rival in opinion polls – also took part in the event.

Trump was the center of attention at the event aimed at a sector considered key to secure a nomination for the White House race.

In a speech that lasted an hour and a-half, the billionaire turned politician brought up abortion and hailed the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision last year, that ruled that abortion was no longer a federal right, reminding that he had appointed three judges to the top court who played a key role in the verdict.

Aware of the audience he was addressing, Trump also targeted Biden for policies aimed at defending LGBT+ rights.

However, his favorite topics China and immigration dominated the rhetoric, as he lashed out at the current government for its “open border” policy and alleged that it had filled the country with convicts and mental patients, in a now-familiar diatribe against immigrants. EFE


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