Trump lays groundwork for Republican election campaign at Arizona rally

Washington DC, Jan 15 (EFE).- Former US President Donald Trump on Saturday endorsed conspiracy theories on the 2020 elections and the assault on the Capitol during a rally that served to set the tone for the Republican campaign for November’s legislative elections.

In his first political act of the year, Trump – president between 2017 and 2021 – promised his supporters that the Republican Party would win the midterm elections in November and win back the White House in the 2024 presidential elections.

In the November legislative elections, many experts believe that the Republicans would take control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate, while also end up taking control of many other state offices.

Apart from trying set a script for Republican candidates in the November elections, Trump went back to his usual attacks on immigrants and the media, something he effectively used during his election campaigns in 2016 and 2020.

He termed the results of the 2020 presidential elections, which he lost to current President Joe Biden, as fraud.

Arizona is one of the key states that Trump lost by a margin of just a few thousand votes in 2020. However, he started the rally claiming he had huge victory that he was “taken away” from him.

He criticized Biden’s tenure as president, claiming he caused more damage during his one year in office than the last five presidents together.

The former president blamed his successor for problems in the supply chain, inflation, the volume of infections caused by the omicron variant and his attempt to force the majority of the workers in private companies in the country to get vaccinated, a move stopped by the Supreme Court recently.

Moreover, he went on to criticize the committee investigating the incidents of the capital hill attack on Jan.6 last year, and backed conspiracy theories that FBI agents were present among the crowds that attacked the Congress.

He also described as “political prisoners” the more than 700 people charged with crimes related to the assault, which resulted in five deaths and 140 wounded officers.

Trump also stoked fear regarding illegal immigration, falsely claiming that “millions and millions” of undocumented immigrants were entering the country and staying as his border wall had been done away with. EFE


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