Trump says he ‘cannot have a fair trial’ in New York

New York, Mar 30 (EFE).- Former United States President Donald Trump said Thursday he cannot have a fair trial in New York, hours after his imputation for irregular payment of $130,000 to a porn star in 2016 was made public.

On his Truth Social network, Trump, who previously charged against the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden, said the New York court that has to try him would be partial.

“They have only brought this false, corrupt and disgraceful accusation against me because I stand with the American people,” he wrote, “and they know I cannot have a fair trial in New York.”

Shortly before, Alvin Bragg, the prosecutor who will formalize the charges after having heard the grand jury – who decided the imputation of the former president – had said in a brief statement he was already negotiating with Trump’s lawyer “his delivery” to have the charges read to him.

For her part, one of Trump’s lawyers, Susan R. Necheles, told The New York Times that Trump planned to turn himself in Tuesday to formally hear the accusation.

In addition to that statement, Trump posted on his account the words of several Republican allies who have vehemently protested against the impeachment, as well as a cartoon where he himself is seen holding a blackboard, in the style of the defendants in a police station. The cartoon reads “Donald Trump 2024, remains the number 1 threat to the system.”

Thus, it is not clear if Trump will show up voluntarily – as his lawyer said – or will resist, for which he would have the help of his co-religionist, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. EFE


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