Trump says he did not violate law in keeping classified documents

Miami, Jul 15 (EFE).- Former president of the United States Donald Trump on Saturday reiterated his innocence in a case in which he faces 37 federal charges over keeping classified documents at his Florida residence, citing the presidential records act 1978.

During his speech at the Turning Point Action convention in Palm Bay, Florida, Trump said that the law gave him an absolute right to keep official documents at home.

He said that under this law, the National Archives and Records Administration had no right to reclaim official documents, after the NARA filed a complaint with the department of justice, and the former president’s Palm Beach residence Mar-a-Lago was raided by the FBI.

Trump reiterated that the criminal probe against him led by federal prosecutor Jack Smith was politically motivated and amounted to “election interference” as he was the favorite to win the 2024 elections.

He also blamed President Joe Biden for the probe, and attacked him throughout the speech, calling him the “most corrupt president” in the country’s history.

In a speech lasting nearly 100 minutes, the Republican leader spoke on his usual campaign topics such as the border crisis and an “invasion” of the US by immigrants, along with the “incompetent” economic policies of the Biden administration and the alleged fraud in 2020 elections.

He also warned of the possibility of a “World War III” and nuclear war due to the US government’s involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Trump highlighted that he was leading the polls in the Republican primaries for electing the party’s candidate for the 2024 presidential elections, as the ex-president maintains a significant lead both at the national level and in the states.

Trump made fun of Florida governor Ron DeSantis, second after him in the polls, and said he could be replaced in the second spot by businessman and author Vivek Ramaswamy, currently third in the Republican hopefuls.

Ramaswamy was one of the participants of the Turning Point Action conference, which is set to continue until Sunday and mainly targets the young conservative audience.

Other Republican candidates such as Miami mayor Francis Suarez along with other conservative figures such as journalist Tucker Carlson and political strategist Steve Bannon were also set to speak at the event. EFE


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