Trump’s campaign outraised Biden’s, but spent more and is further in debt

Washington, Feb 1 (EFE).- US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s fundraising in 2023 outpaced that of rival President Joe Biden, but his campaign also outpaced the Democrat in spending and debt, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) data released Thursday.

Until Dec. 31, 2023, the former Republican president raised about $76.5 million, while his Democratic rival raised $76.2 million.

However, Trump spent $46.5 million as opposed to Biden who spent $32.5 million.

The data compiled by the FEC shows that Trump also outspent his remaining opponent in the Republican race, Nikki Haley, who reported raising $35.7 million, with an expenditure of $21.2 million.

Of the three candidates in the race for the White House, Trump is the only one with debt, down $99,329.

The publication revealed that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had raised $36.9 million before suspending his campaign last Jan. 21, surpassing Haley’s budget.

Democrats also pointed to more cash on hand than Republicans, with Biden holding $45.9 million, Trump $33.1 million, and Haley $14.5 million.

Of the three candidates, Haley has raised $28.5 million, followed by Biden with $25.4 million, while Trump has raised only $431,299, the most in individual contributions, which can only rise to $6,600.EFE


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