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Two senior Chinese Communist Party officials expelled for corruption

Beijing, Jan 26 (EFE).- The Chinese Communist Party has expelled two senior officials for taking bribes, violating official duties, and abusing power, its anti-corruption arm said Wednesday.

The ousted officials are the former vice president of China Development Bank He Xingxiang and ex-party secretary of Hangzhou Zhou Jiangyong.

In a statement, the anti-corruption agency said an investigation found that they had lost ideals and convictions as they betrayed original aspirations and mission.

The agency alleged that Zhou violated laws and disciplines and expanded capital “disorderly.”

The two were barred not only from the party but also from holding any public office.

During his stay in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, Zhou attended “banquets that may affect the fair performance of official duties, and illegally accept(ed) gifts.”

Zhou was under the scanner of the anti-graft agency since August 2021.

The agency said the former official ignored the spirits of the central government, colluded with the capital, and supported the disorderly capital expansion.

He abused power to examine and approve financial projects that caused losses to the national exchequer, said the agency.

He accepted gifts, took advantage of his position to help finance businesses and secure employment, and illegally accepted money and valuables in return.

The China Development Bank, founded in 1994, is under the jurisdiction of the Chinese State Council and is one of the state banks providing funds for large infrastructure projects.

According to the commission, the illicitly obtained assets of the two officials have been confiscated.

After he came to power in 2012, Xi Jinping began an anti-corruption campaign in which more than a million officials have been punished for their conduct.

The campaign has uncovered several cases of corruption. But some critics have pointed out that Xi could also use it to end the political careers of some of his rivals. EFE


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