Two young Kenyans create Covid-19 decontamination device

Nairobi (Kenya), Feb 4 (efe-epa).- Kenyan inventors Moses Kinyua and David Gathu have spent years developing technological innovations to solve problems in their community, from safety to health issues. Faced with the pandemic, they have designed a device to disinfect surfaces and spaces that are contaminated with coronavirus.

“When the virus hit our country we decided to create a machine that could help us decontaminate surfaces. It can also be used in schools, restaurants, hospitals,” Kinyua tells Efe from his workshop in the city of Kikuyu, north of Nairobi.

The contrast between rural life and the research work of these two young men can be easily noticed: on the one hand, hundreds of old gutted computers; on the other, chickens clucking and dogs barking as background noise.

“At the moment, we use raw materials from other discarded appliances because we do not have neither the place nor the resources to obtain the necessary materials to mass-produce,” Kinyua adds.

Thanks to second-hand parts they get from old devices, they have designed numerous technological innovations in recent years, such as a bio-robotic prosthetic arm or a security app. The sanitizing device, which is still a prototype of less than 1 meter long, oxidizes oxygen molecules to convert the latter into ozone, which works as a strong disinfectant. EFE-EPA


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