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Ukraine launches over 100 attacks on Russian positions in the south

Kyiv, May 13 (EFE).- The Ukraine army has launched more than 100 attacks on Russian positions using rockets, artillery and planes in the south of the country, severely hit by bombings by Moscow, according to Kyiv’s Operational Command South on Friday.

According to the military report, the Russians lost 57 soldiers, six armored vehicles and three others vehicles on the southern front in the last 24 hours.

In the occupied Kherson region, the Ukrainian military command denounced that the Russians want to carry out a pseudo-referendum for its inclusion in the Russian Federation.

However, according to the Kyiv authorities, Ukrainian flags are visible on all the streets of Kherson as evidence that the population does not accept symbols, power and the way of life imposed by the enemy.

Meanwhile, in the Mykolaiv region, Russian forces continued to bombard industrial facilities, urban and suburban infrastructure with artillery and rocket launchers.

In doing so, the statement said, the Russians want to exert psychological pressure on civilians, trying to force them to accept the new political and administrative system imposed by them.

In the coastal region of Odessa in the southwest of the country, Russians continue to destabilize the situation with attacks to create a land corridor from occupied Crimea to Transnistria in neighboring Moldova.

The Russian naval group in the Black Sea currently consists, according to the Ukrainians, of four ships and two submarines carrying more than 30 Kalibr cruise missiles. EFE


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