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Ukraine liberates over 20 settlements in 24 hours

Lviv, Ukraine, Sep 12 (EFE).- Ukrainian forces have recaptured over 20 settlements in the last 24 hours as their advance to liberate Russian-occupied localities in the east continues, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed in a report Monday.

“Over the past day, the defense forces succeeded in ousting the enemy from more than 20 settlements. The settlements are now under full control of Ukraine, stabilization measures are underway,” the report said.

Ukrainian fighters continue to recapture “settlements of the Russian invaders in the Kharkiv (in the northeast) and Donetsk (east) regions,” in Moscow’s worst defeat since Russian forces were repelled from Kyiv in March.

“During the retreat, Russian troops hastily abandon their positions and flee deep into the temporarily occupied territories or into the territory of the Russian Federation. This trend continues,” the General Staff added.

According to the report, Russian troops, as well as their families, have retreated from the city of Svatovo in the eastern Luhansk region and left only soldiers from the so-called “people’s militia” among local residents.

The United Kingdom’s defense ministry highlighted the “rapid Ukrainian successes,” adding that Ukraine’s surge forward had “significant implications for Russia’s overall operational design.”

“The majority of the force in Ukraine is highly likely being forced to prioritize emergency defensive actions.

“In the face of Ukrainian advances, Russia has likely ordered the withdrawal of its troops from the entirety of occupied Kharkiv Oblast west of the Oskil River.”

Meanwhile, the Russian defense ministry said Monday that its troops had launched missile attacks on Ukrainian military positions in the east, center and south of Ukraine, including Kharkiv.

Defense ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov pointed out that the attacks were targeting Ukrainian troops and equipment belonging to the units deployed in Kharkiv’s towns of Kupiansk and Izyum, recently retaken by Ukraine.

In the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk regions, the Russian army attacked four Ukrainian command posts, 36 artillery units, 125 military and equipment assembly areas, and a repair shop for multiple launchpads, Konashenkov said. EFE


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