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Ukraine offensive has started with attacks on Russian logistics, says expert

Kyiv, May 5 (EFE).- Ukraine has begun its long-awaited military campaign to recover territories with a series of attacks in the occupied areas as well as in Russia, targeting the logistics chain of the invading troops, Ukrainian colonel in the reserve, Serhiy Grabskiy, told EFE.

“The Ukrainian armed forces are trying to hit targets of the Russian Federation dedicated to logistics, supply,” said Grabskiy, referring to the recent attacks on Russian railway tracks and fuel deposits in Crimea and within Russia.

According to the former military official, these actions are “one of the facets” of the offensive that “has already begun,” as the Ukrainian army tries to cut off the supply lines of the Russian troops deployed in Ukraine ahead of Kyiv’s offensive ground operations.

“We are not trying to hit every tank or every artillery system; it would not make sense because the Russians have a lot of quantity and this would exhaust our resources,” says the retired colonel.

However, Ukraine has also been regularly attacking “tactical targets of the Russians in the occupied territories” such as “command posts, depots and troops to hinder their maneuvers and their access to supplies.”

In this way, the Ukrainian armed forces have been trying to hit Russian logistics in a “long, extensive and exhaustive” war for which, according to the former army official, Russia “had not prepared for.”

“The Russians do not have enough fuel tanks in the so-called tactical zone (closest to the front),” said Grabskiy, considering the storage infrastructure that existed before the invasion in the occupied territories insufficient for the needs of the Russian troops. EFE


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