Ukraine rallies int’l support to oust Russia from Crimea

By Olga Tokariuk

Kiev, Aug 23 (EFE).- Representatives of 46 states and international organizations committed to support Ukraine’s efforts to end Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula at a summit in Kiev on Monday.

Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014, in violation of international law.

“Any alteration of the status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol as an integral part of the sovereign territory of Ukraine is not and will not be recognized,” the participants said in the final declaration.

“Russia’s efforts to legitimize the temporary occupation and illegal seizure are unacceptable,” the statement added.

The summit condemned the “continued violations and abuses” of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Crimea by Russian occupation authorities, vowing to “consider further political, diplomatic and restrictive measures […] should Russia’s actions so require.”


In his closing remarks at the summit, Ukraine’s president Volodimir Zelenski said this was a historic day for his country.

At the opening of the summit, he said ‘the countdown’ to the moment when Crimea will return to Ukrainian control had begun.

“We conducted a summit at which a strong international coalition was created with the goal to liberate Crimea from the occupation by the Russian Federation,” Zelenski said.

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