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Ukraine says Russian strikes kill two civilians in Kherson, Kharkiv

Kyiv, Oct 9 (EFE).- Two Ukrainian civilians have been killed by Russian attacks in the southern Kherson and northeastern Kharkiv regions, Ukraine’s military authorities said on Monday.

Another 18 people were injured in the part of Kherson under Ukraine’s control, including two children.

Authorities said that Russian forces attacked Kherson up to 53 times on Sunday.

In these attacks, about 300 shells were launched from artillery, grenade launchers, mortars, aircraft, and drones.

A car dealership, a critical infrastructure facility, and a church were damaged in the attacks, which also targeted residential areas, according to Ukrainian authorities.

The attack on the Ukrainian-controlled territory in Kherson was launched from the eastern bank of the Dnieper River, which divides the region in two.

Russian forces withdrew to the eastern bank in autumn last year, when Ukraine freed the region’s capital, Kherson, and the rest of the territories of the province along the western bank.

In the northeastern Kharkiv region, Russian artillery damaged several private residential buildings in the city of Vovchansk, which is located near the Russian border.

A 65-year-old woman was killed by the Russian shelling.

On Thursday, the Kharkiv region suffered one of the deadliest attacks since the start of the war when a Russian high-precision Iskander missile strike killed more than 50 people in the village of Hroza.

About 10 percent of the village’s pre-war population was killed in the attack. EFE


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