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Ukraine says ‘unknown saboteurs’ targeted military facilities in Russia

Kyiv, Sep 25 (EFE) Ukrainian military intelligence said on Monday that “unknown saboteurs” targeted Russian military facilities in Moscow and Kaluga regions.

The attacks occurred overnight on Sunday, the military intelligence agency said.

It said a fuel depot was destroyed at a military base in the Naro-Fominsky district of the Moscow region.

The agency said four vehicles were destroyed at another base in Kaluga, about 200 km from the Russian capital.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the base houses the Second Motorized Infantry Division of the Russian Army.

The sabotage took place in the weapons storage area of the military unit.

“Unknown saboteurs” carried out the two operations, by the intelligence agency said.

The intelligence agency also claimed that a Ukrainian drone hit a building housing the Russian interior ministry in the Kursk, some 100 km from the border with Ukraine.

Several Ukrainian media also claimed that Ukrainian drones hit a building housing a Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) office and an oil refinery in Kursk.

The Russian defense ministry said its air defenses shot down eight Ukrainian drones last night – four over the northwestern part of the Black Sea and over the Crimean Peninsula, two in Belgorod and two more in Kursk.

Kursk Governor Roman Starovoyt said the two drones damaged some homes without causing any casualties.

In an interview with Odessa-Journal, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, said his office was “of course” in touch with “all of (the saboteurs) in some way,” carrying out sabotage against the Russian military.

“Let’s say we assist them. This is a strike against the FSB (the Russia intelligence agency) and the political and military leadership of the Russian Federation because they clearly cannot provide the necessary protection for strategically important airfields in Moscow,” Budanov said. EFE


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