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Ukrainian Angry Birds’ shell casing art put up for auction to raise money for drones

Kyiv, Oct 17 (EFE).- Over 70 bullet casings decorated with battle scenes and patriotic motifs have been put up for auction by the Ukrainian ‘Angry birds’ military unit to raise money to produce Backfire drones.

The Ukrainian ‘Angry Birds’ is the only unit within Ukrainian army that designs, manufactures and uses their own drones.

Offers can be submitted until Oct. 23 on the ‘Angry Birds’ website, where photographs of all the pieces are on display with information about their meaning and the artists behind them.

The starting price is 500 hryvnias (13 euros).

Among the most recurrent themes, Ukrainian traditions stand out, as well as war scenes with tanks, planes and hand-grenades.

The pieces are on display at the Kyiv Fortress Museum, where an exhibition on the Backfire drone opened Sunday.

“We are raising money to produce five more Backfires,” Ilia Shpolianskyi, the Angry Birds’ commander said during the event.

This ‘war bird’, the most effective and sophisticated drone developed by the Angry birds’s team of engineers, has a range of action of 35 kilometers and can transport up to 3.6 kilos of explosives.


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