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Ukrainians honor WWII victims while awaiting another Victory

Kyiv, May 9 (EFE).- Ukrainians on Monday marked Victory Day amid the Russian invasion, wondering whether Moscow will intensify its assault.

“As soon as he (Putin) considers it and feels strong, he will go further,” Max, 25, tells Efe at the military cemetery where he laid flowers at the grave of his great-grandfather who died in World War II.

Max and his family did not want to alter their May 9 tradition due to the war, although they said they supported the authorities’ decision to change the anniversary to May 8.

They are one of the few families that went to the cemetery to honor the soldiers who died in the ranks of the USSR.

“Many have left Kyiv and others are afraid,” Irina, 37, who went to the cemetery hand in hand with her father and son to remember her dead grandfather, said.

Svetlana, 50, has come to the cemetery to honor her grandfather, who fought in WWII, although he did not die in it.

Despite supporting Ukraine and hoping for victory in this war, she does not approve the government’s decision to change the anniversary date.

“My grandfather told me that May 9 was Victory Day, I believe in my grandfather’s words and I will continue with that tradition,” Svetlana tells Efe.

“I hope we win and we don’t give up our territory”. EFE


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