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UN has credible reports of human rights abuses under Taliban

Geneva, Aug 24 (EFE).- The United Nations high commissioner for human rights on Tuesday said there were credible reports of human rights abuses including summary executions of civilians and child soldier recruitment in areas of Afghanistan under Taliban control.

Michelle Bachelet urged a special Human Rights Council session in Geneva to create a mechanism to monitor the Taliban’s actions in the war-torn nation following the withdrawal of foreign troops.

“In particular, we have also received credible reports of serious violations of international humanitarian law, and human rights abuses, taking place in many areas under effective Taliban control,” Bachelet said.

“They include, among others, summary executions of civilians and hors de combat members of the Afghan national security forces; restrictions on the rights of women — including their right to move around freely and girls’ right to attend schools; recruitment of child soldiers; and repression of peaceful protest and expression of dissent.”

After taking control of Afghanistan last week, a Taliban spokesman insisted the hardline Islamist group would respect women’s rights, within the limits of Sharia Law, and would not seek revenge against Afghans who worked with the previous government, the Afghan army or the United States-led Nato forces.

“The onus is now fully on the Taliban to translate these commitments into reality,” Bachelet said.

“?I strongly urge the Taliban to adopt norms of responsive governance and human rights, and to work to re-establish social cohesion and reconciliation — including through respect for the rights of all who have suffered during the decades of conflict.” EFE


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