US advises citizens not to travel to Russia amid current tensions

Washington, Jan 23 (EFE).- The United States said Sunday it recommended its citizens not to travel to Russia amid current tensions with Ukraine, after making the same recommendations there and ordering diplomatic staff’s families to leave.

The US State Department said in a statement it places Russia at Level 4 of its travel recommendations, that is, it recommends citizens not move to the country citing “harassment” against them.

The recommendation comes shortly after the one issued for Ukraine, where the department ordered the departure of non-essential embassy personnel amid the “threat” of military action by Russia.

The department said Americans may be harassed by “Russian government security officials”.

It includes other threats such as “terrorism,” the pandemic or an “arbitrary imposition” of local laws against them.

It also said the ability of the US government to offer emergency aid to its citizens in Russia is already “seriously limited,” especially in areas far from the embassy in Moscow, due to the limitations the Russian government has placed on US consular staff. EFE


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