US expects many migrant detentions on border in coming days with end of Title 42

Washington, May 10 (EFE).- The US government expects “large numbers” of detentions of undocumented migrants on its border with Mexico after the expiration on Thursday of Title 42, a measure under which millions of illegal migrants have been deported since 2020 on the pretext of ensuring that potential coronavirus carriers do not enter the country.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Wednesday at a press conference that despite having prepared for this moment for the past two years, authorities expect large numbers of detentions “in the days and weeks” after the end of Title 42.

He said that authorities are already seeing higher detention figures in certain border sectors.

He emphasized that Department of Homeland Security personnel, its installations and communities on the border are under “incredible strain” and predicted that the plan to deal with the migrant flow put into effect by the government will show results, although this will “take time.”

In recent weeks, the US has announced a series of measures to control the flow of migrants from the south with the pending expiration of Title 42, which was implemented during the presidency of Republican Donald Trump but maintained by Democrat Joe Biden.

Also on Wednesday, Washington issued a new regulation restricting the right to apply for asylum on the US-Mexico border and replacing Title 42. Specifically, the new rule says that migrants who cross the border illegally and have not requested protection in a third country during their journey to the US are “ineligible” to request US asylum.

After Title 42 lapses, migrant processing once again will be done according to Title 8, which provides stiffer consequences for irregular migration. For instance, an undocumented migrant who is expelled from the US under Title 8 will face a minimum five-year ban on reentry to this country and could be criminally prosecuted if they try again.

Mayorkas said that people smugglers are disseminating “false information” to migrants, claiming that the US border with Mexico will be open to them after May 11.

“Smugglers have long been hard at work spreading false information that the border will be open after May 11. It will not be. They are lying,” he said.

Thus, the DHS on Wednesday will launch an online information campaign in Central and South America “to counter the lies of the smugglers with accurate information about US immigration laws,” Mayorkas said.

He said that the US is making it very clear that the border will not be open, that crossing in an irregular manner is illegal and that those people who are ineligible to receive US help or asylum will be rapidly expelled.

On the other hand, the DHS chief blamed Congress for the current situation for allowing an “outdated” and “broken” immigration system to remain in place for two decades, despite the consensus that reform is “desperately” needed.

He said that Congress has not provided the federal government with the resources it needs and has requested to deal with immigration matters.

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