US imposes sanctions on Cuba, evaluates steps in internet, remittances

Washington, Jul 30 (EFE).- United States President Joe Biden announced Friday more sanctions against Cuba, this time on the National Revolutionary Police and two of its leaders, after the Jul. 11 protests, but didn’t take action on the internet access and the remittances.

The US Treasury Department sanctioned Cuban Police Director Oscar Callejas Valcarce and Deputy Director Eddy Sierra Arias for their alleged role in the repression of the unprecedented anti-government demonstrations in the country.

The sanctions block any assets that Callejas, Sierra or members of the PNR may have under American jurisdiction, and prohibit those in the US from negotiating with them, based on the Magnitsky Law.

Friday saw the second round of sanctions imposed by Biden’s government, after they announced measures Thursday against the Treasury and Armed Forces Minister Alvaro Lopez-Miera, and an elite military unit known popularly as “black wasps” or “black berets.”

“We are holding the regime accountable,” Biden said hours later after receiving a group of Americans with Cuban roots Friday at the White House.

He vowed more sanctions “unless there is a drastic change in Cuba,” and said they’d be leveled against “the people who carry out the abuses in the regime.”

Despite the fact that measures were expected at the meeting on internet access on the island and possibly on sending remittances to Cuba, Biden said they are working on it.

Concerning the internet, the US leader said they are looking for “all available options” to guarantee Cubans full access and allow people to “evade censorship.”

“You always know that something is wrong when a country does not allow its people to be on the internet and to make their case known throughout the world,” Biden said.

He said he asked the Treasury to give him recommendations on “how to maximize the flow of remittances to the Cuban people, without the military taking a part” within a month. EFE


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