US judge rules against Trump’s bid to keep Capitol riot records secret

Washington DC, Nov 10 (EFE).- A United States federal judge on Tuesday night ruled against former President Donald Trump’s request to block the release of documents pertaining to the assault on the Capitol on Jan. 6.

US District Judge Tanya Chutkan concluded that the House committee investigating the riot had the right to receive these documents.

Trump had claimed executive privilege in an effort to block the committee from obtaining the documents, which contains details about what was happening in the White House while the assault was taking place.

Chutkan argued that “(Trump’s) position that he may override the express will of the executive branch appears to be premised on the notion that his executive power ‘exists in perpetuity.'”

“But Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President,” she added.

A spokesperson for Trump, Taylor Budowich, hinted on Twitter that the former president’s legal team will appeal Chutkan’s ruling in a higher court so the case is likely to eventually head to the US Supreme Court.

Trump’s attorneys will try to get a court order to temporarily stop the delivery of the documents to the committee by the National Archives, which current US President Joe Biden has authorized for Nov. 12.

The committee was launched by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and is made up of a majority of Democratic lawmakers and only two Republicans – Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – who are the most prominent anti-Trump voices among congressional Republicans.

In addition to the request for the documents, the committee has summoned several Trump allies to testify, including his ex-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former senior advisor Steve Bannon.

On Tuesday, the committee issued subpoenas to another 10 Trump allies, including Trump’s top immigration adviser Stephen Miller and former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. EFE


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