US looks to widen energy ties as White House welcomes EU chief

Washington, Mar 10 (EFE).- The United States will seek to deepen energy ties with the European Union as the White House prepares to welcome EU’s top official Ursula von der Leyen Friday for a meeting with President Joe Biden.

A White House official told reporters that the US was looking to reach an agreement with Brussels on the acquisition of minerals used in electric vehicles.

The official noted Biden would stress expanding ties between the US and the EU on critical minerals that power the supply of electric vehicle batteries.

The plan complies “with our transition to clean energy,” the White House official said.

The two sides are in the process of reaching a bilateral trade pact to alleviate the effects of the US anti-inflation law, which includes up to $370,000 million in green subsidies, on European companies, according to the US media.

The legislation, approved by congress last year, provides subsidies for purchasing electric vehicles that run on batteries made in the US or a country with which Washington has a free trade treaty.

The European Union does not have such a treaty with the US.

“We hope to start negotiations on agreements that include raw materials and a dialogue on the transparency of subsidies,” the official said.

In addition to energy issues, the two leaders will discuss ways to double down on economic sanctions against Russia.

The last time the European Commission head visited Washington was in November 2021. EFE


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