US warns China of “consequences” if it helps Russia in Ukraine war

Washington, Mar 14 (EFE).- The United States on Monday said that there will be “consequences” for China if it offers aid to Russia amid international pressure on Moscow over the war it launched against Ukraine, but Washington also said that Beijing “can do more than any other country” to put an end to the invasion.

State Department spokesman Ned Price made the remarks in discussing reports about an alleged Russian request for military help from Beijing in its war against Ukraine.

Price said that the US had told China “directly and very clearly” in private and also publicly that there will be “consequences” if Beijing provides aid to Russia.

The State Department spokesman said that Washington is closely watching whether China or any other country offers any kind of material, economic or financial support to help Russia, adding that the US administration will not remain silent if any country is found to be helping the Kremlin wage its war against Ukraine.

US media outlets reported Monday, citing US officials, that Russia had asked China for military help and economic assistance, including drones, for the invasion of Ukraine it launched on Feb. 24.

Meanwhile, Price acknowledged the great influence that China has over Russia due to the two countries’ “special” relationship.

Therefore, he emphasized that China can do more than any other country to put an end to the “senseless violence” unleashed amid the Russian invasion.

In that regard, on Monday US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with the director of China’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Yang Jiechi, in Rome.

The two officials agreed to keep “open lines of communication,” amid the tensions surrounding the war in Ukraine, the White House said after the meeting.



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