Vaccinated, cured of Covid-19 can be infected by Omicron, says WHO

Geneva, Dec 20 (EFE).- There is evidence that vaccinated people and those who have recovered from the coronavirus could contract the Omicron variant, the World Health Organization said on Monday.

“There is now consistent evidence that the variant Omicron is spreading significantly faster than the Delta variant,” the WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a meeting with international press in Geneva.

“And it is more likely that people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19 could be infected or re-infected,” he added.

Adhanom called for caution a few days before the holiday’s season and urged people to prioritize safety over celebratory gatherings.

The reports indicating that this variant causes more moderate disease than the Delta may not be representative, he added.

“Difficult decisions” are needed to tackle the pandemic; “In some cases that will mean canceling or delaying events (…) It is better to cancel now and celebrate later than to celebrate now and grieve later,” he added. EFE


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