Vaccines reduce Covid-19 mortality in Mexico

Mexico City, Aug 7 (EFE).- The lethality of Covid-19 in Mexico has fallen sharply thanks to vaccines, the official coordinating the government’s response to the pandemic said Saturday.

“Before the vaccine, 40 of every 100 people with Covid lost their lives. After the vaccine, eight of every 100 (infected) people lose their lives to coronavirus,” Deputy Health Secretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell said.

He said that Mexico has seen an “accelerated” decline in the probability of dying from Covid-19 since the second week of May, when the proportion of people over 60 who had the vaccine reached 70 percent.

Lopez-Gatell stressed that the fundamental goal of mass vaccination is to reduce mortality.

While vaccinated people are still vulnerable to infection and can even develop symptoms, “the probability that they become seriously sick, that they end up in the hospital or, even worse, that they lose their lives, is substantially reduced,” he said.

Covid-19 deaths in Mexico are down 80 percent thanks to the vaccines, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said earlier Saturday.

“It’s a fact, it’s a reality,” he said, urging Mexicans who are hesitant about being inoculated to get the shot because the vaccine “helps a lot.”

With 243,733 fatalities, Mexico is fourth in the world in Covid-19 deaths, behind only the United States, Brazil and India, while cases have topped 2.9 million as the Aztec nation contends with a third wave of infections.

The Mexican health system has administered 70.8 million doses of vaccine, yet only 26.83 million people are fully vaccinated. EFE csr/dr

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