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Volvo enters Latin America with 2,419 electric car charging points

São Paulo, Oct 20 (EFE).- Volvo and Evergo have formed a partnership to install 2,419 charging points for electric vehicles across seven Latin American and Caribbean countries over the next three years.

While the adoption of such vehicles in the region lags behind others, battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales have steadily risen in recent years, as indicated by the statistics portal Statista.

Colombia leads in the registration of these vehicles, logging 3,000 units in 2022, followed by Mexico, Chile, and Costa Rica. In all these nations, public environmental policies and incentives have played a role.

Hybrid vehicles, which combine internal combustion and electric engines, are most popular in Brazil and Mexico when compared to other countries in the region.

Given these developments, Volvo, in collaboration with Evergo, plans to “strategically” place charging points in countries such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Uruguay, Panama, and Jamaica. Their aim is to “revolutionize” the charging experience for electric vehicle owners, as reported by the electric vehicle charging station platform.

Electric Charging in Latin America

“For us, it’s vital that these countries prepare for a 100% electric transition. Volvo Latin America has been a benchmark for Volvo Cars in terms of electrification, and the market should have a 100% Recharge portfolio even before the company’s global goal of 2025,” said Tarcisio Triviño, Director General of Importers at Volvo Car Latin America.

Thanks to Evergo’s technology, users can schedule their vehicle charges via an app, making “advance” reservations to sidestep availability issues during peak times.

This digital platform will also allow drivers to monitor, in “real-time,” charging station availability, their vehicle’s charging status, and usage history.

“This partnership with Volvo underscores our ongoing commitment to expanding electric charging infrastructure and facilitating the adoption of electric vehicles in the region,” stated Evergo’s General Manager, Óscar San Martín, as quoted in the press release.

As part of this collaboration, owners of Volvo-manufactured electric vehicles will enjoy “preferential” rates, receiving a 5% discount off the standard rate.

Sustainable Transport

Additionally, Evergo can set up extra charging points in locations suggested by Volvo that benefit both parties.

In the agreement’s initial three years, Volvo has pledged to invest a minimum of $7.6 million in packages that incorporate their customers’ membership to the Evergo platform and credits for charger usage fees.

Evergo currently boasts 1,000 charging stations either installed or under installation in homes, businesses, and public spaces across Latin America, as well as in the United States and Spain.

Recognized as the most advanced and sophisticated platform of its kind in Latin America, Evergo’s mission is to connect users to a mode of transport that’s both “sustainable and reliable.” EFE

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