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VR experience of Notre Dame brings visitors back in time

Paris, Jan 28 (EFE).- An immersive experience into Paris’ Notre Dame invites visitors on a journey through the cathedral’s history, from its construction in the Middle Ages to its current restoration project.

Through a virtual reality experience, the visitor travels back in time to visit the cathedral, its interior and evolution over the years.

The first immersion brings the visitor back to a rainy night in Paris, where they are greeted by a local man who will guide them on a visit to the cathedral through the centuries.

“When we were outside it felt like there was actual air and rain,” a visitor told Efe after their VR experience.

The augmented reality allows visitors to enter different rooms of Notre Dame and see how workers carved stones and built elements of the cathedral during its construction.

The Paris landmark started being built in 1163, in the Middle Ages.

“It’s so immersive. It’s incredible to go through all the heights,” Marius and Claire, who did the half-hour VR immersion, told Efe.

On April 15 2019, a fire broke out beneath the roof of the Notre Dame cathedral. Its spire collapsed and most of the roof was destroyed in the blaze.

The augmented reality experience of the Paris landmark has been a success since launching on January 15 and will be available at La Defense on the outskirts of the capital throughout 2022. EFE


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