‘We have defeated the current outbreak,’ China’s top respiratory expert says

Beijing, Sep 8 (efe-epa).- The biggest expert in respiratory medicine in China, Dr. Zhong Nanshan, said Monday that the country has “defeated the current outbreak” of coronavirus, during a commemorative ceremony in which Beijing staged its victory against COVID-19.

“We have defeated the current outbreak,” said Zhong, a recipient of the Republic Medal, who added that, however, their guard must not be lowered.

Likewise, China’s most respected respiratory expert – who rose to fame for his contribution to the fight against SARS in 2003 – advocated for international medical cooperation and emphasized the need for a greater contribution by China to global health.

At a ceremony at the Great Hall in Beijing, three other experts besides Zhong received a medal and titles of “heroes of the people,” while dozens of health workers were also awarded honorary titles from the Chinese Communist Party.

More than half of the ceremony featured a speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“COVID-19 caught us all by surprise,” said the president, who reviewed the steps taken by his country – where there have been no local infections for 23 days – from the beginning of the pandemic to the present in order to stop the spread.

Also, the Chinese president boasted that the country he commands is “the first major economy to return to economic growth.”

Xi also mentioned China’s contribution in terms of preventive material and scientific knowledge to the rest of the world, where there are still suspicions about anon-transparent initial management by Chinese authorities regarding the outbreak, first detected in Wuhan.

In his opinion, China reported the outbreak to the World Health Organization as soon as possible, a sequence of events that various journalistic investigations put into question.

He also said that there is still work to do, adding that “a complete victory requires continuous effort.”

During the ceremony, a minute of silence was observed as a show of respect for those who died from COVID-19.

The commemoration was held on the same day the National Health Commission of China stated it did not have a single local infection among the 175 currently registered infections in the country, adding that all of them are travelers from abroad. EFE-EPA


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