White House says move to impeach Biden is ” political extremism”

Washington, Sept 12 (EFE).- Opening the impeachment investigation ordered by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy against US President Joe Biden is “political extremism at its worst.”, stated Ian Sams, spokesman for the Executive, on X (formerly Twitter).

McCarthy ordered Tuesday three House committees to initiate such inquiries to obtain bank records and other documents of the Democratic leader and his son, Hunter Biden.

If the impeachment investigation succeeds, it will go to the Senate, which can conduct such proceedings. Since the Upper House is under Democratic control, the possibility of it going forward is limited.

Recently, the legislator had suggested that he would put the opening of such an investigation to a vote in the chamber. However, since it was not guaranteed that he would have the support of the moderate conservatives in his caucus, he made that decision unilaterally.

“He promised to hold a vote to open impeachment, but now he changed his mind because he has no support,” added Sams.

Republicans are targeting the Biden family’s alleged business dealings with the country’s “adversaries,” such as China, taking advantage of their political ties. According to McCarthy, the various allegations already found “are credible and paint a picture of a culture of corruption.”

In his opinion, the Biden family has received “favorable treatment from the Democratic Administration” that would not have been provided to them if they were not related to the current president.

The spokesman for the Executive refuted this version: “The Republicans in the House of Representatives have been investigating the president for nine months and have found no evidence of wrongdoing. Their members of the Republican Party have said so,” he said. EFE


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