WHO Concerned as Many Countries Ease Coronavirus Controls

Astana, Oct 25 (EFE) – The World Health Organization (WHO) expressed concern on Wednesday that many countries are reducing their coronavirus infection control measures. This comes after the WHO declared an end to the global health emergency in May, which was first established in January 2020.

“We’re concerned that control levels are being reduced in many countries,” stated Hans Kluge, the WHO’s Regional Director for Europe, at a press conference following the 73rd session of the organization’s Regional Committee for Europe.

Firstly, he emphasized the need for vulnerable groups, particularly as winter approaches. “Those at risk, the elderly, and those with chronic illnesses should receive a booster dose of the vaccine,” he underscored.

Secondly, Kluge, a Belgian national, highlighted that all countries must strengthen their oversight and control. “We need to ramp it up,” Kluge asserted, referring to controls that include monitoring indoor air quality.

The Regional Director for Europe acknowledged the possibility of another pandemic in the future. However, he stressed that the real question isn’t “where or when, but whether we are better prepared to fight the virus this time.”

Kluge also emphasized the importance of international solidarity in successfully combating the virus’s spread. “The issue is that a country shouldn’t just develop and keep vaccines but should share and exchange them,” he pointed out.

Equally vital, he added, are diagnosis and treatment. In his view, the WHO is the sole agency capable of globally coordinating public health matters. “I believe we’re now better prepared, but we’re still not fully there,” he stated.

Moreover, Kluge underscored the significance of primary care in the fight against the coronavirus. EFE



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