WHO warns of possible syringe shortage due to Covid demand

Geneva, Nov 9 (EFE).- The World Health Organization on Tuesday warned of possible massive syringe shortage due to the high global demand resulting from coronavirus vaccination campaigns.

Over 6.8 billion Covid-19 jabs have been administered in a little under a year, double the number of vaccines given worldwide every year on average, which could lead to a shortage, Lisa Hedman, a WHO coordinator of medical access and supply, told journalists in Geneva.

The WHO estimated a possible shortage of between one to two billion syringes by 2022, if measures are not taken.

Boosting syringe production capacity without neglecting the material needed to treat diseases could be part of a solution, according to Hedman.

Before the pandemic, a total of 16 billion syringes were used annually worldwide but Covid-19 has pushed demand to 22 billion.

The WHO has warned of the possibility that syringes and needles will become the new symbol of the disparity between the rich and poor as already happened with the vaccination distribution. EFE


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