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Willem Van Gogh: “Van Gogh was a democratic artist”

Madrid, Sep 29 (EFE).- Vincent Van Gogh was a “democratic” artist and that is why he was so popular, the Dutch artist’s great-great nephew told Efe Wednesday in an interview in Madrid.

In a conversation covering a range of topics, Willem Van Gogh recalled growing up among the artist’s paintings and why he thinks his art was so popular.

Willem said he only became aware of Van Gogh’s success when he saw a replica of the artist’s famous “The Sunflowers” painting in a hotel room in Paris.

“We grew up between the paintings, the collection in the Van Gogh museum used to be in my grandfather’s collection,” he told Efe.

According to the Dutchman, Van Gogh was so successful because his paintings were relatable to the general public.

“He painted his own bedroom, we all have a bedroom. He painted a kitchen chair, we all have a kitchen where we have breakfast or dinner with our family, and I think that makes his art very accessible,” he said.

Willem said Vincent was a very “diplomatic artist” because he painted for everybody around him.

The post-Impressionist painter is famous for his paintings of landscape and nature using vibrant colors.

“Vincent found consolation in nature, so many many paintings of nature sites, and that is why he is so popular, because we are all part of nature and I think we all sometimes try to find consolation in nature, when we are having a hard time,” he added.

According to Willem, it is the combination of the nature element in Van Gogh’s art and vibrant colors that made his art so popular.

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