Woman loses parents, husband and brother to coronavirus in 5 days

By Cristina Bazán

Guayaquil, Ecuador, May 22 (efe-epa).- Paulina Carvajal lost her parents, her husband and one of her brothers in five days to coronavirus.

The Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, where she lives, has been devastated by the virus and so has her family.

There were thousands of infections and deaths in the region between the second half of March and the beginning of April, the total number has not been calculated.

“We all had the coronavirus here at home but the most affected were my husband, who died on the 25th with my father, and my mother who died on the 30th with my brother,” she tells Efe almost two months later.

Paulina, 39, a journalist who has two young daughters, says her ordeal began the morning of 23 March when her husband Michael González, who was diabetic, began to feel short of breath.

The couple waited until dawn to go to one of the overstretched health centers, at which time the city had one of the worst per capita infection rates in the world.

After visiting two dispensaries her husband received an intravenous serum to control his blood sugar levels and they went home.

Everything seemed fine until Michael developed symptoms again a few hours later.

“We went back to the place where he had been treated but they told us that they couldn’t do anything else and that he had to find a clinic to admit him but everything had collapsed. No one wanted to receive him,” Paulina recalls.

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