WTA president says mental health “as important” as physical health

Indian Wells, Oct 13 (EFE).- WTA players are very fortunate to be able to be where they are, but it comes with a price, President of Women’s Tennis Association, Micky Lawler, told Efe.

“We are very fortunate to be able to play and to be where we are, very very fortunate, but it comes with a price and there are expectations on the shoulders of the young women that play on our tour,” Lawler said on the occasion of Mental Health Day.

According to the WTA president, mental health is “as important” as physical health and it is very important that sports associations are prepared to support players in their struggles.

“We have approached our sport science and medicine department, we have structured it in a way that it addresses physical issues and physical preparation as well as mental preparation and support of mental well being,” she said.

Lawler added the coronavirus pandemic has been very tough on players, who have to be tested every three days and wear face masks for long periods of time.

“The recent escalation of mental health is I think relevant to all people because our lives have been reversed and thrown upside down so many of us have had to deal with,” she said.

But despite the challenges, Lawler said having open conversations about mental health is already a step forward.

“It is something we have to focus on but also recognize the fact that it is great because everybody should be having these conversations,” she said.EFE


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