Xi: ‘China must work to achieve greater technological self-sufficiency’

Beijing, Mar 13 (EFE).- Chinese President Xi Jinping said China “must work to achieve greater technological self-sufficiency” during a Monday speech at the closing of the National People’s Assembly, one of the country’s main political yearly events.

“China must create a new development model,” said the president, who added that his country “must promote industrial transformation.”

Xi urged “implementing the strategy of revitalizing China through science and technology” and spoke about “advancing the coordination of urban and rural development.”

The Chinese leader, who last week was ratified for a third term unprecedented among his close predecessors, called for “efforts” to “continuously strengthen the economic, scientific and technological capabilities” of the country, to “contribute to national strength.”

During this year’s meeting, China announced a reform of its Ministry of Science and Technology with the stated goal of “improving efficiency.”

The revamped body will transfer functions such as formulating technology policies for the agricultural sector to other ministries in order to “play a greater role” in “achieving technological advances,” the official press reported.

For several months now, China has redoubled its efforts in scientific and technological research to face the measures taken by different countries that seek to make it difficult for Beijing to access technological components, including sanctions.

In October, the United States imposed restrictions on exports of microchips manufactured in the country to Chinese companies or individuals, measures that were added in January by Japan and the Netherlands.

In recent years, China has announced various measures and plans to strengthen the domestic semiconductor industry and thus reduce its dependence on foreign manufacturers such as Taiwan’s TSMC. EFE


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