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Young Iranian refugees from Ukraine face uncertain future

Krakow, Poland, Mar 8 (EFE).- A group of Iranian medical students who fled Ukraine to Poland face the dilemma of whether to apply for political asylum or remain in Europe illegally.

The exodus does not end in Poland for some of the non-Ukrainian refugees among the two million people who have so far fled Russia’s invasion.

Twelve college students of Iranian origin are in legal limbo having managed to arrive in Krakow following a five-day trip from Kyiv.

Aya, who is from Tehran, told Efe that it will be difficult to resume their studies, due to the fact that they have left their course, including their documents and diplomas, behind at Kyiv university.

The choice they now face is: return to Iran from Poland within a period of 15 days or remain in the European Union illegally.

Her fellow Iranian students Laila and Yasni sought help at the Iranian embassy were told it lacked the capacity to offer help.

The students have the option to apply for political or religious asylum in Poland, which would allow them to settle in Europe. But such a move does not come without its costs for Iranian people, who fear that it could spark reprisals against their families back home. EFE


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