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Zanzibar airport inaugurates scanner to detect Covid-19 in seconds

Zanzibar, Tanzania, Feb 16 (EFE).- The airport of Zanzibar, one of Africa’s top tourist destinations, inaugurated on Wednesday the first scanner in the continent able to detect Covid-19 in a passenger within seconds.

The new technology, developed by the Abu Dhabi Research Institute and health management company Sanimed, is a “fast, safe and non-invasive technology,” according to Dr. Mohammed Gulrez, who oversees the distribution of the technology in Zanzibar at Alfacare.

The EDE scanners use cameras that detect the electromagnetic waves emitted in the body. The device rapidly checks if the waves have changed by the presence of RNA particles and checks if it matches with the Covid-19 RNA molecule. The result is immediate.

The technology opens up new possibilities in the health sector and Alfacare aims to develop the technology to detect other diseases, the CEO of Alfacare, Dadkarim Mulla, said.

The scanners are already being used in airports, train stations, shopping malls, schools and offices across the United Arab Emirates since last year.

It was tested on 20,000 patients before being approved by UAE authorities. EFE


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