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Zelensky denounces at UN that Russia is trying to win countries with under-the-table deals

United Nations, Sept 19 (EFE).- Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke in person for the first time at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, where he accused Russia of trying to win the support of some countries with under-the-table deals.

“I am aware of the attempts to make some shady dealings behind the scenes. Evil cannot be trusted,” he said.

The khaki-clad Zelensky, who was the most applauded leader as he entered the chamber, spoke in English and said he would present the details of his peace plan, which so far has the strong support of the European Union and the United States, to the Security Council on Wednesday.

Zelensky was the most anticipated leader during this high-level week, in which key leaders such as the heads of state of France, China, Russia and the United Kingdom were absent.

The Ukrainian president used his speech to warn the world that Russia, is endangering everyone by using nuclear power, food and energy products as weapons in Ukraine,.

He said that Russia’s abandonment of the Black Sea agreements (which allowed the export of Ukrainian grain and Russian fertilizer through a safe corridor) was affecting a wide range of countries, among which he mentioned Algeria, Spain, Indonesia and China.

“Russia has almost swallowed Belarus. It is obviously threatening Kazakhstan and now the Baltic states. And the goal of the present war against Ukraine is to turn our land, our people, our lives, our resources into a weapon against the international rule-based order,” he said.

The Ukrainian leader also referred to the rifts that appeared within the European Union on Monday, when three countries of the bloc (Poland, Slovakia and Hungary) announced that they would veto Ukrainian grain.

“And it is alarming to see how some of our friends in Europe play out solidarity in political theater, making a thriller from the grain,” he said.”And they may seem to play their own role, but in fact they are helping to set the stage for a Moscow actor.”

However, Zelensky’s speech did not receive the same level of applause as last year, when he addressed the Assembly via videoconference.

Over the past year, it has become clear that several African and Latin American countries, as well as China, are advocating that Ukraine enter into unconditional peace negotiations.

On Wednesday, President Zelensky will attend the Security Council and then plans to travel to Washington, where he will address the US Senate.EFE



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