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Zelensky for more sanctions after Russia’s terror-like gas war

Lviv, Ukraine, July 25 (EFE).- President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged Europe to hit back at Russia with more sanctions in response to Moscow’s “overt gas war” that would wreak “terror” on the Europeans.

Russian energy firm Gazprom has announced that it would reduce gas flows into Germany to complete maintenance work on a turbine on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

The reduction comes as Europe braces for a possible energy crisis in the winter season.

In his nightly address to the nation, Zelenskyy called it “the gas blackmail.”

He said it “only gets worse every month (and) is needed by a terrorist state to make life worse for every European.”

The Ukrainian president said the “gas threat to Europe” was deliberately intended “to make it as difficult as possible for (the) Europeans to prepare for winter.”

“They (the Russians) don’t care what will happen to the people, how they will suffer – from hunger due to the blocking of ports or from winter cold and poverty… Or from occupation. These are just different forms of terror.”

Russia currently supplies only 40 percent of its usual flow of gas to Europe.

In mid-June, Gazprom cut its daily gas supplies by 33 percent, to 67 million cubic meters, also citing maintenance work.

The disruptions come amid Moscow’s war in Ukraine and the Western sanctions imposed in response.

Zelenskyy said it “is necessary to hit back” and urged the European Union to “strengthen sanctions.”

“Do everything to limit Russian revenues not only from gas and oil, but also from any remaining exports. And sever trade ties with Russia as much as possible, because every such tie is Russia’s potential tool of putting pressure.” EFE


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