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Zelenskyy accuses Russia of hiding war crimes evidence in Ukraine

Kyiv, Apr 7 (EFE).- Ukraine’s president on Thursday accused Russia of removing dead bodies from the streets and homes of occupied cities to try to hide evidence of war crimes.

In his early morning message, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he had “information that the Russian troops have changed their tactics and are trying to remove the killed people from the streets and the basements of the occupied territory.”

“This is just an attempt to hide the evidence and nothing more. But they will not succeed because they killed a lot. Responsibility cannot be avoided,” he added.

“We already know about thousands of missing people. We already know about thousands of people who could either be deported to Russia or killed,” said Zelenskyy, who vowed to “find out all the circumstances regarding the majority of our missing citizens.”

He also called on Russian citizens to “face the Russian repressive machine” because that will be better than “being equated with the Nazis for the rest of your life.”

“You support either the search for peace or unjustified massacre,” he said, adding that Russians should demand an end to the war if they feel “even a little bit of shame.”

After a day in which the Western allies widened their sanctions against Russia and its interests around the world, the Ukrainian president said that, although the new punishments have a “spectacular look,” they are “not enough” and Kyiv will continue to insist on a complete blockade of the Russian banking system and the rejection of buying Russian oil. EFE


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