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Zelenskyy says end of Russian occupation must for peace with Ukraine

Rome, Sep 1 (EFE).- Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Friday that there could be no peace with Russia unless Crimea, Donbas, and other Ukrainian territories were freed from Russian occupation.

“We are in favor of Russian troops leaving the (Crimean) peninsula without pressure from our army because there will be fewer victims,” Zelenskyy said, speaking at the European House Ambrosetti business forum in Italy via a video link.

“We protect our people. I only care about my people now, and let President (Vladimir) Putin take care of the Russians.”

He said it was not possible to negotiate with Putin, emphasizing that he cannot be relied upon.

“He doesn’t keep his word. And it is not a question to whom he gives this word: his terrorists or some political leaders inside his state or outside…his word is worthless,” the Ukrainian president said, as per the readout from his office.

Zelenskyy alleged that Russia was attempting to divert global attention away from its vulnerabilities by inciting chaos in Africa and committing crimes against humanity by deliberately targeting Ukrainian civilians.

“There is no strength on the other side of the frontline. They (the Russians) are only capable of bombing our houses and schools,” he said.

The Ukrainian president claimed that Putin and his military were now trying to “add to and create chaos in Africa…to distract the world from what Russia has become today.”

He said that if it is true that Putin killed Wagner chief Prigozhin, “it definitely tells of his weakness, showing that he was afraid of” the mercenary leader. EFE


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