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Zoo, machinery, and thousands of dollars linked to drug traffickers in Costa Rica

San Jose, Nov 21 (EFE).- The Attorney General’s Office of Costa Rica conducted a series of raids on properties linked to an alleged drug trafficking group, finding significant assets such as a small zoo, heavy machinery, a gymnasium, a bullring, vehicles and thousands of dollars.

The operations took place in Ciudad Colón, on properties previously owned by a man identified by authorities only by the surnames López Vega, who is also known as “Pecho de rata” (rat’s chest). López Vega has been serving a prison sentence for drug trafficking since 2014.

Attorney General’s Office investigators discovered a small zoo on a rural estate with 13 deer, four exotic birds (guacamayas), a margay (small wild cat native to Central and South America), and an alligator, in addition to 242 livestock animals.

The authorities confiscated $290,184 in cash, 3.5 million colones (around $6,000), two firearms, ten mobile phones, five computers, jewelry, ten vehicles, four motorbikes, and gym equipment.

They also found a quarry from which mining material was being extracted, along with heavy machinery used for this purpose.

The authorities detained Tyndall, a 43-year-old woman, partner of the man currently imprisoned for drug trafficking, and are also seeking to arrest four of the couple’s sons, who are allegedly involved in the group.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, the seized properties, vehicles, and all other assets were acquired from illegal activities.


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