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Russian shells strike near airport in Lviv

Odesa, Ukraine, Mar 17 (EFE).- Russian forces have shelled areas around the airport in the western city of Lviv, Ukrainian military sources said Friday.

The missiles were launched from a submarine in the Black Sea, according to a military report published by the West air command on its Facebook page.

The report states that “according to preliminary data, six cruise missiles, possibly X-555, were fired from a submarine in the Black Sea.”

“Two missiles were destroyed in the air by the anti-aircraft missile forces of the West air command,” the report said, adding that they struck near the airport in Lviv.

Hours earlier, the mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovy, said overnight the Russian army had shelled the surroundings of the airport of the city, which has become a major crossing point used by millions of Ukrainians fleeing west towards the European Union.

“Several missiles hit the aircraft repair plant. Its buildings were destroyed by the impacts (of the missiles). Work at this plant had stopped earlier, so there are no casualties,” Sadovy said on Telegram.

The shelling has damaged buildings attached to the airport facilities, the mayor added. EFE


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