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Felipe VI awards King of Spain International Journalism Prizes

Madrid, Jun 9 (EFE).- The King of Spain International Journalism Prizes on Wednesday recognized important coverage of social movements across Latin America as well as persistent inequality and human rights issues within the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Once again the award ceremony presided over by King Felipe VI got underway in Madrid’s Casa America with strict health and safety protocols, reducing the number of attendees from 120 to 80 in order to maintain social distancing.

Created by Spain’s news agency EFE and the country’s agency for international cooperation and development (AECID) in 1983, the annual media awards recognize some of the leading work done by Spanish and Portuguese-speaking journalists.

The jury for this 38th edition of the prize ceremony selected media outlets and reporters from seven Ibero-American countries — Spain, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico and Portugal — spanning topics ranging from social unrest in Latin America, immigration, human rights and equality.

The Prize for Digital Journalism went to Chilean online portal La Tercera for its video coverage of the mass protests in the South American nation. Tania Soledad Opazo is collecting the prize on behalf of her team.

A Mexican feminist podcast called “Calladitas nunca más” (“No longer staying quiet”), broadcast by Univisión Noticias Digital, was awarded the prize for Culture and Social Development.

Jhon Torres Martínez and his team scooped the Ibero-American Prize for Journalism for their report on Venezuelan migrants in Colombia, published by Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

Two other Colombians received prizes on Wednesday: photographer Carlos Alberto Emilio Velásquez Piedrahita, for his photograph “El último abrazo” (“the last hug”), which captured the moment a young man embraces the body of his murdered brother, and Juan David Cardozo, who won the Radio category for his interview with a former Venezuelan general who claimed he had plotted to assassinate president Nicolás Maduro.

Portuguese journalist Catarina Isabel Canelas Gonçalves was awarded the prize for Environmental and Sustainable Development Journalism for her work on the effects of plastic in society.

Cuban Nayare Menoyo won the prize for Television while the Guatemalan newspaper El Periódico will be recognized for its 25-year service to the industry.

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