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First Thai erotic festival aims to break taboos in Bangkok

Bangkok, Aug 27 (EFE).- Sex, pleasure, passion and lust are in the spotlight at Bangkok’s first erotic festival which aims to “break taboos” and seeks to pave the way for an “open conversation” about sexual freedom in Thailand.

According to Vicky Wichta, one of the organizers of the event, talking openly about sex is “very difficult for Thais” so “we created the festival to address these issues in a safe environment, mixing literature, exhibitions, talks and movies.”

It is the first festival of its kind in Thailand, which many foreigners consider an open and tolerant country regarding sexuality.

But Vicky says this is not the case and that despite this image being projected to draw international tourists in, it clashes with the norms of traditional and strict Thai society.

“There’s a big contrast, because you see sex workers on the streets, everywhere, but we still act like these women aren’t there, we just pretend they don’t exist,” Wichta tells Efe.

In a first attempt to break taboos and bring sex closer to everyday life in Thailand, the Doc Club and Pub cultural center in Bangkok will host an event that merges art, culture, education and copious amounts of pleasure until Sunday.

Viewers will be immersed in a multi-sensory journey of titillating art, passionate books, sensual movies and provocative debates with experts, historians and sexual content creators.

Erotic writing and live nude art workshops and talks covering topics such as the history of pornography in Thailand, the art of desire or “the forbidden literature” of the century are just some of the activities visitors will be treated to.

Launching an erotic festival in Thailand, the first date of its kind in Southeast Asia, has not been easy.

“While sex is a popular topic, it’s also a very touchy subject, especially here in Thailand. It’s a fine line and if you cross it you’re going to get in trouble,” Vicky adds.

But the opening event proved a success, with dozens of people filling a cinema for a screening of ‘The Piano Teacher’ (2001), which tells the story of a passionate affair between a student and his teacher.

“I loved the place, the exhibitions are very good, there are good movie options. I like the fact that Thailand is opening up more and more for sex,” Anat Nimni, 44, told Efe. EFE


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