Kenyan scientist creates reusable nanotech mask that kills viruses

Nairobi, Jul 13 (EFE).- A Kenyan scientist and doctor has created an antiviral surgical face mask that kills viruses using nanotechnology, to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The nano-mask – designed by nanomedicine developer Dr. Joseph Nderitu – is made of antimicrobial nanocomposite material, a product that kills infectious agents including bacteria, viruses and fungi.

It is composed of two layers, an outer layer made of polycotton and an inner layer made of 100% cotton.

“I came back from the lab one day, and I thought to myself, all this knowledge I have on nanotechnology (…) maybe I might be able to sort this thing,” Dr. Nderitu told Efe.

The scientist said his idea came after seeing how face masks on the market were of low quality and causing allergic reactions on people, especially health workers.

Dr. Nderitu wanted to create a face mask that not only filtered and killed viruses on the surface, but was reusable and washable as well.

The scientist from Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi said the coronavirus pandemic, even though a tragedy, became an opportunity to promote African innovators like himself.

“It was impossible to have someone listen to you about medical innovation,” Dr. Nderitu said.

“In Africa, everything has to come from abroad, it has to be German, it has to be American, it has to be Canadian. And what has happened with Covid-19, the borders closed, the economy is shattered, and everything looks like the end of the world, so where are those Kenyan innovators we used to hear about?” Dr. Nderitu added.

Now, Dr. Nderitu is looking for funding and hopes to be able to save more lives with his nano-mask innovation.

“I believe that it might be a very long shot, but we might be able to come up with something meaningful,” he said. EFE


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