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Situation ‘difficult’ in east Ukraine but ‘losses’ inflicted: Zelenskyy

Kiev, Feb 20 (EFE).- Ukraine’s president has reiterated that the situation in the east of the country, especially in Donetsk region, is challenging for his military, but that it is “fighting” and inflicting “tangible losses on Russia.”

In his late-night message to citizens, published Monday on his official website, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he had held a meeting with the military leadership and received reports from the commander in chief, as well as commanders and the front line.

“We are leveling the situation, doing everything to prepare our actions planned for the future, for the nearest future,” he said.

He showed concern for the situation in Bakhmut, in Donetsk, a strategic point currently fought over between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

In that area and on the nearby Vuhledar front “is the Donetsk operational and tactical group. The situation is very difficult. We are fighting. We are breaking the invader and inflicting extremely tangible losses on Russia,” the president said.

“I repeat again and again: the more Russia loses there, in Donbas – Bakhmut, Vuhledar, Maryinka, Kreminna – the sooner we can end this war with Ukraine’s victory,” Zelenskyy emphasized.

He has promised his citizens greater transparency about the situation at the front, although “military issues, details of intelligence actions cannot be told in full. But I want our people to have predictability right now. And a feeling that Ukraine is moving towards its goals.” EFE


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