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Afghans protest demanding women’s rights, inclusive government

Kabul, Dec 6 (EFE).- Dozens of Afghans on Monday protested in Kabul to demand women’s rights and the establishment of an inclusive government, after the Taliban evaded the issues of women’s education and work in a special decree.

The protesters were demanding “equality for all Afghans” and that women be allowed to access education and work, Mohammad Sabir Insan Dost, a university professor and one of the organizers, told EFE.

Another protester, Shela Insaan Dost, said that the Taliban had allowed “selective women’s rights based on their interest,” in a statement aired by a local broadcaster.

The protest was attended by both men and women, despite the Taliban virtually banning demonstrations after coming to power in August.

The stir comes after on Friday the Islamists released a special decree on women’s rights which was limited to basic respect and marriage, and did not refer to education or work, despite repeated calls in this regard by the international community.

The Taliban have been insisting since they came to power that women will be able to return to their jobs or schools in the future, pending a framework within the limits of the strict Islamic code.

For now, the regime has only allowed girls to get education up to the primary level and permitted women to work in the health sector.

“The Taliban should accept and agree with all influential sides such as international community, politicians, and oppositions and build an inclusive government in order to end the war,” Dost said.

The international community has repeatedly insisted on the need to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan, and refused to officially recognize the Taliban regime.

The fundamentalists have formed an interim government dominated by religious leaders and members of the organization, which mostly consists of people from the Pashtun community, with barely any presence of minority and no women.

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